Ivan Marchuk

Іван Степанович Марчук

Ivan Stepanovych Marchuk (born May 12, 1936 in Moskalivka) is a contemporary Ukrainian painter. He was recently listed among the 100 living geniuses. Marchuk invented a unique way of painting his pictures, which he calls “dabbing-on”, thus creating an unusual effect of luminescence of his works.

Ivan Marchuk was born in a family of a weaver. He studied applied art in Lviv till 1965. Later he worked in Kyiv. In 1989 he left USSR and lived in the USA, Canada and Australia, where he became renown. After the September 11, 2001 attacks which he saw, Marchuk returned to Kyiv. Not having been valued in the Soviet Union, Marchuk was well accepted in the independent Ukraine obtaining a prestigious T. Shevchenko award in 1997. A museum of Ivan Marchuk is planned to be constructed in Kyiv.

Marchuk is a founder of the new styles in art, including “plontanyzmu” This is – name that artist jokingly gave his style. From the words “knit”, “plontaty”: pictures as if created with klubochkiv fanciful yarns. Style Wizard piddayetsya not really fancy any classification. Nalezhnist her to any of them, he vidkydaye. For it is in everything: Landscapes, portraits, nayiv, “nude”, something uzahali fairy … Hrandioznyy series of abstract works … All this can not be confused with the works of other myttsiv – at least in our halaktytsi. Today his paintings are impressive art in Europe, America, Australia, it offers the best exhibit in the halls of the world and this is in contrast to past persecution and prosecution in their own country, Ukraine.

About the period of his life the artist says:


“Sometimes I say to the exhibitions of my work, this has never seen, and I say – if you saw this, they would not see me. For appreciated what never was. So I shook the world. There have been nine periods of creativity, “nine Marchuk and each of them something amazing. I primarily need a surprise. Something is always running in my head, you need something new to do. When I have to sign a picture, I will send it to the world and know that the response to it will be indispensable. And the “tenth” Marchuk will be required. Ripen.

About art:


“For me, art – the life and revelation. Alternative exists. AND at the same time art – is hard labor. I work 365 days a year, and without that I can not. This verdict of fate, karma, sentence, doom. I do not escape. I dream relax on the beach, lying in the grass, listening as she grows, I want to look like clouds floating in the sky, I rejoice, have fun, socialize in the company, not refused to go to school to teach someone something there. And then think: but I also want it to do something yourself. Thought invincible! “
In 1956 graduated from the Lviv school of arts and crafts.
1965 – Lviv Institute of arts and crafts, ceramic department.
Moved to Kyiv from 1965 to 1968 working as an artist at the Institute for Superhard Materials of USSR.
From 1968 to 1980 – the artist creative and production studio association “artist”.
1979 – first official solo exhibition in Moscow (Hall Street. Small Georgian).
Since 1980 – for creative work.
From 1980 to 1989, without official recognition and is not adopted before the Union of Artists make great exhibitions in various institutions and organizations, as, for example, in the Department of Arts of the National Library of Sciences of Ukraine. Glorified as the informal leader of the Ukrainian artistic underground.
In 1989 emigrated to Australia, then lived in Canada and the United States. Broad recognition artist abroad led to his decision to the Soviet Union, but … without his knowledge.
1990 — Marchuk visits Ukraine and is his first official exhibition is in Kiev – the State Art Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts (now – National Art Museum of Ukraine).
1996 – received the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine.
In 1997 – is awarded the National Prize of Ukraine. Shevchenko.
2001 Marchuk finally returned to Ukraine.
In 2004 laid Ivan Marchuk Museum, which, unfortunately, still not built.
In 2006 the International Academy of Modern Art in Rome took Ivan Marchuk the ranks of the “Golden Guild and elected an honorary member of the scientific council of the academy. This is the first recognition of the Ukrainian artist institution of such a high level. Today Gold Guild “has 51 artist from around the world.

In 2007, according to British publication The Daily Telegraph, John Marchuk Among hundreds of the greatest figures of our time was called the genius of modern times. He won 72 seats.

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